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The company SYNTHA was founded in 2023 by Marcel Langjahr. With 15 years experience in IT architecture, support and solutions delivery we can provide innovative solution architecture for your buisness.

In the realm of business development, our services encompass a range of crucial activities. We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis and consulting of business structures to gain a deep understanding of your organization’s current state.

Once we’ve identified key areas for improvement, we proceed to enhance internal working methods, fostering greater efficiency and productivity. This often involves leading brainstorming sessions to collaboratively craft innovative solutions.

Moreover, we specialize in building bridges between your IT infrastructure and human resources, ensuring seamless integration and cooperation between these vital components of your operation.

As part of our commitment to your success, we continuously identify areas where your business needs and goals can be better met. We then turn these insights into actionable plans and technical solutions.

Our team is proficient in the creation and presentation of these technical solutions, providing you with a clear roadmap for implementation. Furthermore, we prioritize quality assurance to guarantee that the proposed solutions align perfectly with your objectives.

Once the solutions are ready, we handle their deployment and migration seamlessly, minimizing disruption to your business. Throughout the process, we meticulously track and document project progress, ensuring transparency and accountability at every step.

In essence, our comprehensive approach covers everything from initial analysis to successful solution deployment, with an unwavering focus on your business’s growth and success.

Additionally our suite of services spans a wide spectrum of modern digital needs to propel your business into the future. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet the evolving demands of the digital age, ensuring that your business remains competitive and innovative in today’s fast-paced world.

We specialize in crafting cutting-edge web designs that captivate your audience and provide a seamless user experience.

We handle the intricacies of IT administration, ensuring the smooth operation of your digital infrastructure.

Harness the power of the cloud with our top-notch cloud implementation services, providing scalability and flexibility for your business.

We enable e-commerce success with tailored solutions, including dropshipping, to expand your online retail presence.

Seamlessly manage your customer relationships with our CRM integration services, optimizing your interactions and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Embrace the future of finance by integrating crypto payments into your platform, opening up new avenues for transactions.

We assist you in tokenizing assets, unlocking liquidity and facilitating innovative investment opportunities.

For blockchain enthusiasts, we offer validator node setup services to actively participate in network validation and governance.

Our expertise in blockchain integration empowers your business with the transformative potential of distributed ledger technology.

Navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency with confidence through our expert crypto consulting services.

Establish a strong brand identity with our logo and brand design services, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

everage the power of artificial intelligence with our consulting and integration services, making your operations smarter and more efficient.

Generate high-quality content effortlessly with AI-driven ghostwriting, saving you time and resources.

Enhance your visuals and create stunning images with AI technology, elevating your marketing and branding efforts.

Fuel your content marketing strategy with AI-generated content that engages and informs your audience effectively.

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